Problem C: CSGO

Problem C: CSGO

Time Limit: 1 Sec  Memory Limit: 128 MB
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CSGO is a world-wide first-person shooting game. Players are divided into two camps: anti-terrorism elite and terrorists. Both sides need to fight multiple rounds on a map to achieve the goal required by the map or eliminate all the enemies to win. Now CSGO has come up with a new entertainment model and a new map, in which players can resurrect and kill indefinitely. The new map is composed of N*M squares. Now there are K sentinels in the map. Only when the number of players'killings reaches the maximum number of rectangular ones that K sentinels can form under the optimum conditions, can they win. Now, how many people need to kill to win?


Multiple test data. 
The first line input three integer N,M,K( 0 < M,N <= 1000, 0 < K <= 1000000) 


Output the number to win.

Sample Input Copy

7 14 86

Sample Output Copy