Problem D: Death or alive

Problem D: Death or alive

Time Limit: 1 Sec  Memory Limit: 128 MB
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Jedi Survival is a tactical competitive shooting sandbox game in which players need to collect resources on the game map and compete against other players in a shrinking security zone to survive to the end. That is to say, the last player is the winner. Player FFT sticks to the final circle by its own trivial development all the way. However, at this time, there are players LX in the final circle. LX can't find the location of FFT, so it calls for super bombing, launching semi-circular bombing with (0,0) as the center of the circle, and spreading at the speed of 50 square meters per millisecond. FFT now finds the location of LX, but it takes 10 seconds for him to get the bullet on, and then he can shoot and kill LX instantaneously. Can FFT win now? 
(ps: The first second area is 0.) 


Multiple test data. 
The first line contains two numbers x,y(0 <= x,y <= 1000) 


if FFT win. Output "Yes" 

else. Output "No" 

Sample Input Copy

108.35 416.16
812.92 527.3

Sample Output Copy