Problem1004--【2012四川省热身赛】Problem A. A - B Problem

1004: 【2012四川省热身赛】Problem A. A - B Problem

Time Limit: 1 Sec  Memory Limit: 32 MB
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Calculate |a − b|


The first line of input is a single number T(T ≤ 100),means the number of test cases.Then T cases
followed, each case contains only one line with two integers A and B(0 ≤ A;B ≤ 100).


For each test case,you should output one line. First, output “Case #t: ”, t means the number of
the test case which is from 1 to T. Then, output an integer indicates the value of |a − b|.

Sample Input Copy

1 6
3 2

Sample Output Copy

Case #1: 5
Case #2: 1