2047: Welcome

Time Limit: 1 Sec  Memory Limit: 512 MB
Submit: 82  Solved: 64
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        Welcome everyone to take part in our acm competition. Now, let me tell you something about ACM-ICPC. This competition is very famous and nearly all the famous university take part in it every year.

        As a acmer, we lose our spare time, lose some dating, lose happiness from games and so on. But we also get fulfilling university life, better skills of solving problem and coding, friendship, better job and so on.

        For this competition, we prepare 3 problems for warming-up and 11 problems for contest. You should try your best to solve more problems in one hour for warming-up and five hours for contest. Surely, the cooperation is the most important thing for a team, so believe in your team and try your best to cooperate to finish this competition.

        Maybe you will meet some difficulties in this competition, and you can ask the worker for help or you can come up your trouble in our MiniBoard in our competition if you have some trouble about our problem.

        We hope that everyone can enjoy this competition and get high scores as possible as you can!

        At the beginning of this competition, we only give you a very simple problem, and we just need you to calculate the absolute value of a-b.


       The input contains multiple test cases;

       Each test only contains two integers a ( -10000 < a < 100000 ) and b ( -10000 < b < 10000 )


          The output only contains one number indicating the absolute value of a-b;

Sample Input Copy

3 5
3 1

Sample Output Copy