Problem2048--Play CF

2048: Play CF

Time Limit: 1 Sec  Memory Limit: 128 MB
Submit: 65  Solved: 41
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      Maybe all of you will think CF is a game, but for our acmers, it’s a very famous competition which is named Codeforces in Russia. It usually holds competition at 23:30 and you only have two hours to solve problems. we usually stay up at our training base to participate in this competition. Now, we will give you a simple problem which is adopted from Codeforces.

      We called the letter “mirror letter” ,that is to say, we stand in front of the mirror and we will see the same letter. In this problem, we will give you a letter, and we just need you to tell us whether it’s a “mirror letter”.


       The input contains multiple test cases;

       Each test case only contains one character which between ‘A’ and ‘Z’.


         If the character is “mirror character” please output “yes”, otherwise output “no”.

Sample Input Copy


Sample Output Copy